​Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability Tourism Forum 2016 Theme: Community-based Tourism as a Global Trend

Date 13 Jun 2016 15:23

The “Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability Tourism Forum 2016” is organised by the TAT Academy, which was 30 September, 2015, by  of Thailand (TAT). The reshaping of tourism’s global pattern over the past decades is the result of economic, social and political changes. We see new and more diversified destinations,as well as, emerging groups of knowledgeable and enthusiastic tourists with specific interests.

The new trend of simplicity appreciation, detail consciousness, sub-culture, minimalism, and local values is happening around the world (including Thailand) - from a small to a large group of people. The dominance of consumerism-oriented mass tourism is being challenged.

Definition: Community-based tourism takes tourists' needs and expectations, as well as,environmental, economical, and social sustainability into account. It focuses on mutual learning between tourists and communities. This tourism forum hosted by TAT is the brainchild of community-based tourism’s development and the public’s interest.

Objectives: To disseminate community-based tourism knowledge and its approaches. Expected Outcomes: Various sectors are knowledgeable on the concept/trend of community-based tourism and can identify new business opportunities.

Target Audiences: Public Sector, State Enterprises, Private Sector (tourism-dependent businesses),universities, NGOs, and the general public.

Date and Venue: Date: 16 January, 2016 Time: 09.30 hrs. – 16.30 hrs.

Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok Responsible Agency: TAT Academy, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)